Lisa Lichtenstein is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has established a multi-faceted career as a psychotherapist practicing for over 20 years. She runs a psychotherapy private practice in Santa Monica CA, is a Clinical Director at two special education schools in Los Angeles and is the psychological expert for Movia Robotics advisory board, a company implementing cutting-edge and evidenced-based Robotic Assisted Instruction (RAI) to assist special education children and adults with socio-emotional, behavioral, communication and intellectual skill-sets. Lisa’s objectives, as she specializes in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), is helping people transform the pain in their lives into growth, fulfillment and meaning.

In addition, Lisa has been on ABC’s weekly live news segments for over 6 months, providing tools and self-care strategies to cope with the world pandemic, social and political unrest. She has published articles as well as two books. The first book, Mother Nature, Human Nature: Seeing Ourselves Reflected in the World Around Us, connects the psychological parallels of Mother Nature and Human Nature. Her upcoming book, Your Emotional Blueprint: Transforming Your Emotional Blueprint for a Fulfilling and Meaningful Life, informs people how to identify their original emotional blueprint and how to create a new or transformational emotional blueprint.

Lisa believes in the following socratic philosophy, "The unexamined life is not worth living “. Although we cannot control everything in life, with commitment to inner work we can increase the probability of living the life we dream of. I have "walked my talk" and have worked in personal therapy for many years. I believe a therapist's expertise is correlated to her/his personal growth. My growth and experience in my personal therapy continues to refine my skills, philosophy and expertise as a therapist.

Lisa’s impassioned career promotes people becoming healthier and happier. Lisa is ecstatic to partner with her latest endeavor, Movia Robotics, which utilizes Robot-Assisted Instruction, which proves to expedite psychological, emotional and intellectual growth for Neuro-Diverse children and adults; The results are outstanding.