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Your Emotional Blueprint:
Transforming Your Emotional Blueprint For A Fulfilling And Meaningful Life

Lisa Lichtenstein, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, writes about an innovative concept, the Emotional Blueprint. As she describes, the Emotional Blueprint, collected from Nature and Nurture, contains the childhood imprint of experiences, emotions, belief systems and thoughts which influence our relationship to the world around us. For example, our Emotional Blueprint influences our relationship to people, ourselves, career, money, creativity, etc. Optimistically, the minds’ elasticity allows the replacement of unhealthy patterns with positive imprints. As adults it’s our responsibility to keep the learnings and patterns from childhood we value and to change parts to make us whole and authentic.

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Mother Nature, Human Nature:
Seeing Ourselves Reflected in the World Around Us.

Lisa captures the psychological teachings of Mother Nature and draws parallels to Human Nature. This book portrays the wisdom of Mother Nature in categories such as Growth, Change, Acceptance, Relationships, Birth and Death, Faith and Spirituality. The companion photographs to each entry exemplifies Mother Nature’s profound teachings.