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Live TV Segments

Lisa has appeared on ABC’s television news for over 6 months, providing tools and strategies to deal with stress, depression and anxiety in order to healthily cope with the world pandemic, social and political unrest. She speaks to parents, couples, families, individuals living alone and children as each of their lifestyles present an array of challenges during this time. Lisa has been interviewed and published in press articles and podcasts.

Below: 1.) Live TV Videos, 2.) Podcasts, 3.) Print Media

07/23/2021 "How Robots Can Help Kids Navigate School"

07/01/2021 "How Virtual Reality is Being Used to Help Mental Health"

04/28/2021 "ABC7 News Segment: Taming Corona-Anxiety with Emotional and Psychological Tools"

03/03/2021 "Live ABC7 News: Antidotes for Beyond Burn Out/Harvard Business Review; Schools Opening and Students Reassured by Families"

12/25/2020 "Letting go of Perfectionism and Embracing Artful Communication to Elevate the Quality of Life"

11/27/2020 "Moving Through the Holidays with Positively and Hope"

11/06/2020 "KTLA Lynette Romero Interviews Lisa Lichtenstein"

09/18/2020 "Transforming Burn-Out and Focusing the Mind on Waking Meditation or Activity"

09/11/2020 "Riding the Waves of Loneliness and Fear in Order to Thrive"

09/04/2020 "Navigating out of the Maze of Distraction and Laying Groundwork for an Organized Productive Life"

08/28/2020 "Finding Inner Calm while the World Spins Frantically"

08/14/2020 "Back to School: Motivating and Setting up an Incentivizing Behavior Routine for School Success"

08/07/2020 "Embrace Emotions for Well-Being; Parents Resolve Conflicts away from Children"

07/24/2020 "Finding Calm Amidst the World We Live in; Living your Purpose and Executing what you can Control"

07/17/2020 "The Power of your Mind to Create Calm while Decreasing Anxiety; Accepting Uncertainty to Become more Comfortable"

07/10/2020 "Riding the Waves of Emotions: Learning how to Resolve Conflict Productively"

07/03/2020 "Dissolving Anxiety and Increasing Happiness and Self-Care"

06/25/2020 "Grow Beyond Your Thoughts - A Bridge to Connecting Differences"

06/18/2020 "Create a Bridge of Understanding through Productive Communication"

06/04/2020 "Empowering Change through Dialogue and Humility"

05/28/2020 "Tools to Transform Stress into Motivation and Sound Decisions"

05/21/2020 "Using Effective Communication to Bridge Different Points of View"

05/14/2020 "Transforming Fears and Finding Emotional Stability During the Pandemic"

05/07/2020 "Quarantine Fatigue: Healing through Positivity"

04/30/2020 "Having Nightmares? How to Rewrite your Dreams"

04/23/2020 "Mastering Your Emotions During Covid"

04/16/2020 "Transforming Discomfort through Positive Responses"

04/09/2020 "Healing and Grief through Challenges"

04/02/2020 "Positive Psychology in Today’s Pandemic World"